Large Room Solution

You will enjoy great sound quality, perfect intelligibility, and convenience with a professional audiovisual system, simultaneous interpretation system, central control system, digital & Dante paperless system, and sound reinforcement system, among other things.

Middle Room Solution

Innovative solutions, such as audio conference systems, remote video conference systems, paperless conference systems, recording & broadcasting systems, audiovisual matrix systems, etc., are installed in well-designed conference rooms to promote effective collaboration.

Small Room Solution

Take your conference to the next level with DSPPA’s dependable conference solutions, which will let your team to concentrate on communication rather than technology in your small conference room.


The auditorium, which often includes a professional audio system, a remote video conferencing system, a seamless mixed matrix system, and a 4K HD projection system, is primarily utilized for various lectures, artistic performances, academic reports, and other significant activities.

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