Digital Conference System for PAHW

The Public Authority for Housing Welfare (“PAHW”) was established in accordance with Law (47) of 1993 to provide different housing welfare alternatives for eligible citizens. The Authority implements government-housing policies while its directions form an integral part of the economic and social system of the State of Kuwait.

Project Spotlight

In response to the customer’s needs, we designed an intelligent conference room for this Public Housing Benefit Authority to facilitate efficient and effective communication, collaboration, and information-sharing among its various departments, employees, stakeholders, and partners.

The conference room is equipped with 1 chairman and 17 delegate units, which allows participants to engage in presentations and discussion and to gather feedback, address concerns, and foster collaboration in housing welfare projects, as well as explore more possible housing development policies, strategies, and initiatives.

The streamlined design of embedded conference units can improve the overall appearance of the conference room, contributing to a more professional and polished environment, and the all-in-one design can elevate the conference capabilities of the authority, leading to more productive meetings, better collaboration, and improved outcomes in their efforts to provide housing welfare services to the community.

Implementing a UHF wireless microphone system can be a valuable addition to the intelligent conference system for the Public Authority for Housing Welfare in Kuwait. The UHF wireless microphones allow presenters, speakers, and participants to move freely around the conference room without being tethered to a wired microphone, enhancing engagement and interaction during meetings.

System Connection Diagram

By leveraging the advantages of our intelligent digital conference system, the Public Authority for Housing Welfare in Kuwait can enhance its communication, collaboration, and overall efficiency, leading to improved project outcomes and better service delivery for the community.

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